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Infrastructure and Logistics
Photo:  Sven Blomquist
A good logistics and transport infrastructure is an important building block in the effort to create the prerequisites for profitable trade and industry, both nationally and internationally.

Without the proper conditions for transport by sea, rail, road and air, industry can not develop as quickly as it must. In terms of logistics, the Göteborg region is today the best location in Sweden, as well as being the international logistics center for Scandinavia and the Baltic region.

From the Gothenburg region it is possible to serve a market of approximately 40 million people in Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Russia. Our aim at Logistics and Transport is to continue to improve conditions for logistics and transport in our region, and thereby reduce trade and industry´s logistics costs. In this way we can contribute to stimulating growth, providing more jobs and helping to make the region´s industries even more competitive.
Updated: 20130702

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